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Church Bell Inscriptions of Northamptonshire and Rutland.
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Carrying on from the 1989 inventory publication written by the late Denis Pearson, this website incorporates many changes made during the past 30 years. The site also lists inscriptions, past and present, of all known bells in the Peterborough Diocesan area of Northamptonshire and Rutland, discounting modern day Diocese and political boundary changes and continuing to include all locations formerly used in Thomas North's County reference books. 

At least 99% of the available data is now on display, however virtually 90% of latter day inscriptions are still to be gathered and recorded. This collection process will inevitably require the direct action of ascending with notebook, pen and camera to the belfry. 

Thank you in advance for your patience.

The current format avoids duplication of data by including a location weblink, where possible, to the recognised and authoritative ©®Dove's Guide for weights, dates, notes, frequencies, turning, frame and truss types.

Using our Guild resources, in the longer term, it is planned to update missing Dove's Guide field data for Northamptonshire and Rutland bell installations.

By scrolling down to the bottom of each alphabetical section, displayed within the associated footnotes, are foundry/founder abbreviations.  

Nearly all of the established inscriptions are taken from Thomas North's books, "The Church Bells of Northamptonshire" and "The Church Bells of Rutland". It is well known that there are "errors" within these books, so inspection visits to bell installations will undoubtedly occur from time to time. So far, I have been quite lucky to spot the errors but I'm certain, some will escape my notice.

If you have any inscription information or amendments, please use the contact form and send the alterations/amendments/changes to me. Your contributions will always be acknowledged at the foot of each page. Thanking you again.

The scope of the website has tangentially expanded with the addition of cross references to selected founders, Royal-headed bells, along with weights and dates of the lightest treble bells and heaviest tenor bells. 

Rob Palmer, P.D.G.C.B.R. Guilsborough Branch Steward.


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More inscriptions.
  • Crick.

    Margaret, No.6 bell cast in 1996 by Whitechapel.

  • Winwick.

    A "Royal-Headed" stamp on the tenor bell.  

Cold Ashby.
No.4 bell, cast 1317 by William de Flint. Inscription; MARIA VOCOR ANO : DNI : M : CCC : XVII  

^^^  Bell locations, table layout  ^^^

Bell No.    (Previous/earlier bell No.)    Date    Founder    Special attributes   Inscription 
  Extra column 1a, displayed
where applicable.
(Bell No.) in brackets. 
  Auxiliary column 3a,
where applicable 

Table abbreviations :
c = circa; blank field = no current data; ? = uncertainty; preR = pre-reformation date;
Auxiliary bell types >>>  S = Sanctus; C = Clock; A = Angelus; B = Bourdon; Un = Unused; Dis = Disused;

Special attributes abbreviations : 
KT - Keltek Trust; 
RH - Royal-headed bell; 
RHrc - Royal-headed bell recast;

Founder Abbreviations.

A :
EA - Edward Arnold; B&RA - Bartholomew & Robert Atton; BA - Bartholomew Atton; RA - Robert Atton; 

Bagley : Bg - Bagley (generic); HB - Henry Bagley; H1B - Henry I Bagley; H2B - Henry II Bagley; H3B - Henry III Bagley; MB - Matthew Bagley; M1B - Matthew I Bagley; M3B - Matthew III Bagley; WB - William Bagley;

B : JhBb - John Barber; JB&C - James Barwell & Co; TmB - Thomas Bett; RcB - Richard Benetlye; WmBs - William Blews & Sons; TB - Thomas Bond; AB - Alfred Bowell; BrF - Brassfounders; JB - John Briant; TmsB - Thomas Bullisdon; BsEF - Bury St. Edmunds Foundry; 

C : CC - Charles Carr; JsC - Joseph Carter; RbC - Robert Catlin; RC - Richard Chamberlain; WC - William Chamberlain; R3C - Richard III Chandler; Ch&M - Chapman & Mears; P&C - Pack & Chapman; TC - Thomas Clay; JdeC - John de Colsale; CvSS - Covington of Stony Stratford;

D : JDB - John Danyell successor 'Brede'; MD - Michael Darbie; WmD - William Dawe; WD - William Dobson; 

Eayre : JE - Joseph Eayre; T1E - Thomas I Eayre; T2E - Thomas II Eayre; T&JE - Thomas & John Eayre; 

E : IE - Islip Edmunds; Eijs - Eijsbouts; B2E - Bryan II Eldridge; WmE - William Emerton;

F : WdeF - William de Flint;

G : G&J - Gillett & Johnson; CG - Christopher Graye;

H : EH - Edward Hall; TmHr - Thomas Harrys; WH - William Haulsey; SdeH - Symon de Hazfelde; GgH - George Hedderly; T1H - Thomas I Hedderly; EdwH - Edward Hemins; RHe - R. Hille; JH - John Hodson; RcH - Richard Holdfield;  

K : JhK - John Kebyll; JK - James Keene; RK - Richard Keene; E1K - Ellis I Knight;

L : RgL - Roger Landen; L&P - Lester & Pack; LeicF - Leicester Foundry; LdnF - London Foundry; LBS - London Foundry, Balcombe Shield;

Mears : CGM - Charles & George Mears; GM - George Mears (& Son); TM - T. or Thomas Mears; TMs - Thomas Mears & Son; T1M - Thomas I Mears; T2M - Thomas II Mears; M&S - Mears & Stainbank; Ch&M - Chapman & Mears; 

M : Mg - Mellours (generic); RcM - Richard Mellours; RM - Robert Mellours; RbM - Robert Mot; 

Newcombe : N - Newcombe; Ng - Newcombe (generic); N&W - Newcombe & Watts; EN - Edward Newcombe; TN - Thomas or T. Newcombe; T1N - Thomas I Newcombe; T2N - Thomas II Newcombe; R1N - Robert I Newcombe;

N : NV&C - Naylor Vickers & Co; WmN - William Noone;

Norris : MwN - Matthew Norris; TmN - Thomas Norris; TobyN - Tobias Norris; Tb1N - Tobias I Norris; Tb2N - Tobias II Norris; Tb3N - Tobias III Norris;  

O : H2O - Henry II Oldfield; TO - Thomas Osborn;

P : P&C - Pack & Chapman; L&P - Lester & Pack; HP - Henry Penn; RPd - R. Purdue;

R : AxR - Alexander Rigby; AR - Abraham Rudhall; A1R - Abraham I Rudhall; A2R - Abraham II Rudhall; TRud - Thomas Rudhall; Rg - Rufford (generic); JR - John Rufford; WR - William Rufford; TR - Thomas Russell;

S : RcS - Richard Sanders; Skg - Seliok (generic); JS - John Seliok; Rc2S - Richard II Seliok; JhS - John Sleyt; RS - Robert Stainbank; M&S - Mears & Stainbank; JStd - John Sturdy; StmF - Stamford Foundry; 

Taylor : JT - John Taylor & Co.; JTs - John Taylor & Son(s); JTBF - J. Taylor Bell Founders; RT - Robert Taylor; RTs - Robert Taylor & Sons; W&JT - W. & J. Taylor; TE&S - Taylor, Eayre & Smith; 

W : JWs - J. Warner & Sons; WG - Wesley Group; WBF - Whitechapel Bell Foundry; JhWy - John Woolley; RcW - Richard Wood; WorcF - Worcester Foundry; RdeW - Richard de Wymbis(h);

Watts : W - Watts; Wg - Watts (generic); FW - Francis Watts; H1W - Hugh I Watts; H2W - Hugh II Watts; WW - William Watts; N&W - Newcombe & Watts;

Y : JY - John Yorke (John of York)

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Acknowledgements :

Geoff Pullin; PDGCBR; Daventry branch inscription inventories;
Guilsborough branch inscription inventory; 
"Church Bells of Northamptonshire" & "Church Bells of Rutland", both books by Thomas North;
Dove's Guide;
1989 PDGCBR inventory by Denis Pearson;

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